Putting Interactive Touchscreens to Work in Student Housing

On-Property Marketing to Gen Z Though the oldest of its ranks are just now celebrating their 21st birthdays, the collective fingerprints of Generation Z (aka "Gen Z") can already be clearly found beside many [...]

3 Smart Steps for Homebuilders Embracing Marketing & Sales Technology

Helping homebuilders get past the past - and on to a better present Just for a moment, hop in a Doc Brown Delorean and travel back in time to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1956. You're one [...]

Real Estate Webinar – A Relationship-focused Sales Approach

Are you selling to your strengths? Or focusing on those challenging weaknesses you can't seem to overcome? Are you wondering what the #1 salesperson in your firm knows that makes it easy to make sales [...]

Real Estate Marketing Tech: Social, Wearable and Altogether Preferable

With apologies to both Virginia Slims and Fatboy Slim, “We’ve come a long way, baby”: Research in 2013 from the California Association of REALTORS found that homebuyers use their mobile devices to “look for comparable [...]

BrightDoor shines at Bluetooth NYC Media Event

BrightDoor CEO Michael Worthington and VP Kimberly Luksic were on hand at the recent Bluetooth Special Interest Group Media event in New York to showcase BD Mobile and our Beamly micro-location marketing technology for real estate. [...]

Big, Bright & Bold Real Estate Marketing Webinar

A big thanks to everyone that joined us yesterday for our special webinar around the latest and greatest in real estate marketing technology. For those of you that missed it, enjoy this full HD replay of [...]